Born in La Louvière, Belgium

Lives and works in Berlin

Studied Photography at, Lisbon and Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent.

Graduated as a Master in Applied Communication specialized in Media Education at IHECS, Brussels.


Bénédicte Blondeau’s work finds its inspiration in her immediate environment. The spaces depicted in her pictures are mostly empty and silent and could be seen as a kind of « heterotopia », a perambulation from nature to city, a way of experiencing urban spaces, a selection in and an interpretation of a material, constructed and pre-orchestrated world. Corridors, halls, waiting rooms, passages create spaces of otherness in which the rules and norms of society no longer apply. Their emptiness leaves an impression to the spectator, who observes from a certain distance. Impression implying a kind of speculation, coming from what we see but also from what we imagine from it. Here and there characters emerge, fragile and uncertain, without being seen completely. The space becomes more than what is represented, inviting to wonder what happened or will happen inside, but also outside of it. The environment depicted in her images becomes like another space, real and absolutely unreal at the same time. An expanding parallel universe which finds its source in urban interiors or sometimes in nature, used to create images whose ways of interpretation contrast with the actual flow of images generated by the media in our societies.

Bénédicte Blondeau also worked as a documentary movies director.

Solo and group shows:

2022   « Sous influence » - Biennale de la Photographie de Mulhouse (upcoming) (FR)

2022   «those eyes, these eyses, they fade» - Valletta Contemporary, Malta (upcoming) (MT)

2022   G37 Gallery - Berlin  (solo - upcoming)

2021   Photoforum PasquArt - Bienne, Switzerland  (Ce qu'il reste, solo)

2021   LUFT Exhibition, 48 hours Neukölln - Berlin  (Ce qu’il reste, collective)

2020   PHotoESPAÑA - Best Photo Book Award Exhibition - Madrid  (Ce qu’il reste, collective)

2019   November Exhibition, Planet Flow - Berlin  (Ce qu’il reste, collective)

2019   Loading Fest Projection night - Porto  (Ce qu'il reste, collective)

2019   Bolseiros&finalistas, - Lisbon  (Ce qu’il reste, collective)

2018   The Essential, Loosen Art - Rome  (Ce qu’il reste, collective)

2018   Diaporama, Gulbenkian foundation - Lisbon  (Anesthesia, collective)
2017   Sorry Not Sorry, Rust vzw - Ghent  (Anesthesia, collective)
2017   Summer Exhibition 2017, - Lisbon  (Anesthesia, collective)
2015   Het Zuiden van Europa - Ghent  (Lieux intimes, solo)
2014   Academie voor Beeldende Kunst - Ghent  (Lieux intimes, collective)


2019   Ce qu'il reste

           Photo book published by XYZ Books 


2021  Best Book Design From All Over the World 2021, Stiftung Buchkunst (Ce qu'il reste, nominated)

2020  DGLab Book Design Awards 2020 (Ce qu’il reste, design by Joana Durães, honorable mention)

2020  Photo España’s best book award, international category (Ce qu’il reste, finalist)

2020  ADAGP MAD Revelation Artist Book Award (Ce qu’il reste, shortlisted)



2021   Flare: Bénédicte Blondeau: Ce qu’il reste, by Miriam Edmunds

2021   Exit Magazine: Exit #81 - Blackness (Anesthesia)

2021   The zone zine (Ce qu'il reste - with sound by Guglielmo Piva)

2020   Dienacht  (Ce qu'il reste)

2020   Grandmama’s Print  (Ce qu’il reste)

2020   Cahier d'images (mixed portfolio)

2020   Photocaptionist  (Ce qu’il reste)

2020   MAD tv and ADAGP (Ce qu'il reste)

2020   Malenki (interview, Ce qu'il reste)

2020   Yearbook 2020, book and online exhibition - Shutter Hub (Refuge)

2020   Camera Austria  (Ce qu'il reste)

2019   Phases Magazine  (Ce qu'il reste)

2019   The Heavy Collective: Friday Fry Up  (Ce qu'il reste)

2019   GUP magazine: GUP #61 - Escape  (Ce qu'il reste)

2019   Ce qu'il reste - self-published photo book

2018   Scopio Magazine - Contrast, Porto  (Ce qu'il rete)


2019   Unseen Book Market - Amsterdam

2018   Ciclo de Conferências de Fotografia III - Unidade curricular: Fotografia,

           Arquivo Fotográfico de Lisboa, Lisbon